When I first sat down and started to write “Active Girls, Healthy Women,” I had one mission in mind, to help combat child obesity! 1 out of every 3 American children is obese. Obesity is running rapid and the statistics are highest then it has ever been. The statistics is mind blowing and makes me truly sad! Active Girls Healthy Women is a simple, basic and informative tool that our girls can use to educate and empower themselves to start enjoying exercise and be active at an early age, so that they will grow into a healthy strong women. Of course without the proper knowledge, tools and guidance, our young girls are destined for failure.

When I learned about the amazing work the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is doing across the country, and how Jillian Michaels is so actively involved in the Alliance, my passion for the Alliance was evident and the need to donate a portion of my proceeds from Active Girls Healthy Women was not even a question in my mind! An Alliance to help promote healthy habits to our young girls and a book to help guide them there: it was like a perfect match made in heaven!

More than 13,000 schools across the country are all working together to make their schools a healthier place for their students. This is such an incredible inspiration!

So won’t you please join me in helping to combat child obesity by on Amazon.com and know that not only a portion of your purchase will go to support the important work of the Alliance but it will also have a true impact on the health of our future generations and generations to come!